Tuesday, December 27


Hey there!! 

Winter is here but fortunately it is not as cold anymore as it was about 20 years ago during winter. Although I live in Finland, it is still around -3 to +3  degrees C. I am pretty much used to that kind of cold and I don't need to put tons of layers on. 

I will show you few of my favourite outfits that I have found from Pinterest and saved them as My Style. Unfortunately I am a poor student so I can't afford all these looks but hey, dreaming is allowed! 

I am absolutely a fan of black!!! I feel like it is more colorful than green-purple-yellow is because you see these empty colors with g-p-y but you see a real soul with black. Also it black really fits me the most with my white hair! 

I am loving this grunge style! It is very 90s with demin jackets and Dr Martens. I would looove to have Dr Martens low shoes myself. I believe they are really good in finnish no-snow cold weather. 

Lately I have seen lots of pictures about fishnet tights under jeans. It looks even cooler when the jeans are ripped and you can see the tights. I personally love this way to wear them! 

I would also add this cute and good looking Yves Saint Laurent bag to every outfit I have in this post because it seems like this bag goes with everything! 

Thank You lovelies for reading my blog, soon I will be going on holiday and will show you my holiday lookbook! 

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