Saturday, July 22


Hola! Como estas? 

I felt like I need a change so I packed my life into 2 suitcases, got on a plane and moved to Spain. Aka estoy en Espana! 

(I should be studying spanish right now, can't speak it YET)

I am afraid it might get little bit ridiculous because the changes I want to do, they get bigger and crazier. But oh well, life is too short to stay in one place and talk about weather to the same people. 

I have been here for a week now and some people have asked me when am I going back. Funny thing is that I don't have a plan to go backwards in my life, always forward! 

I love the people, the sun, the beach, food and wine, the heat, everything! 

Come to visit me! You would definitely love it here! 

Hasta luego! 

Wednesday, June 7


Hello, how you all doing? 

Lately I have had lots of different changes in my life. I somehow knew that year 2017 is going to be awesome and might even be little bit stressful. 

It's been 6 months, what has happened? 

My 2017 started with family vacation to Egypt and while being on the holiday I got news that I am able to go to Spain to do my last internship and that was only 1 month after Egypt holiday. Holiday after holiday, who doesn't want it? 

I booked my tickets and off I went on 6th of February if I remember correctly. 

I never knew that this little 6 week trip is going to change my life for the next year or two. Aka I left Spain in March with a knowledge that I will be back there in few months aka MY new HOME is going to be in Spain. 

*( next little trip after Spain was Gdansk, Poland what I really enjoyed and I couldn't ever imagine that I'd like to go back there! It was so lovely and beautiful and cheap!)


Just few days ago I booked my flight to Malaga so today it is 34 days until I take off.

Does this idea scare me? Of course it does. I have had the thought about leaving this idea behind and living here and getting a job here so many times. It is all about leaving my comfort zone and although I have done it quite a few times, I still have the thought of quitting. I probably won't. 
I have a job waiting for me in Fuengirola, which is on south coast, and lovely people who I can't wait to see again! 
Hopefully I am also able to get out of Spain and have a little weekend trips to Italy or Portugal or Greece, or maybe see even Thailand or Mexico!! Sounds lovely, doesn't it? 

ALSO I graduated from school! Finally! I couldn't wait and now it's done and I am quite proud of myself. 

Lets see what the next 6 months bring me! Stay tuned!

Keiti xx

Monday, February 20



I am in Spain.

Why? Why not!
How long? Not long enough!

This place is absolutely amazing! People are kind, I adore walks on the beach, sun is sunny and wind is windy and I am loving my job here!

I kind of don't know where to start my story about my life in Spain so You could just hit me up with questions!

Little piece of Fuengirola for you!

And a tiny piece of Malaga for You! 

(a little piece of Picasso museum for you. A friend of mine took it secretly although he wasn't allowed. But hey, I went to Picasso museum!)