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Alright, let have a real talk now! #beauty #onlineshopping #shopshopping 

We all know about, right! Cheap stuff from China, shipping takes forever and the quality isn't so good either. Still thousands of people order from there.
I had thought about it for pretty long time to order something from there and check with my own eyes and hands, what the things are like. At first my wallet said NO, later I just said NO to my wallet and ordered.
I thought about ordering the main beauty stuff and then tell on my blog about it. I am not sure if that is going to "help" anyone but why not to talk about it.
Btw, before ordering anything, I read all the comments, so

I can't actually say anything bad about shipping, because first things I got 2 weeks after ordering and then I basically got something every day. Now, 4 weeks later, I still should get few things, but it's been said earlier that shipping from China usually takes about a month.

THESE LIPSTICKS OH MY GOD! I read comments and watched videos on youtube, how people love these! These are long (when I say long, I mean LOOOOOOOONG lasting!) At first when I put it on, it feels a bit weird and sticky but when it dries, it is perfect! These colors are so bright!
I actually ordered 4 of these, but I couldn't find 4rd one. On the left is beautiful dark red, wine red, whatever you want to say. The middle on is cool and nude. You can make yourself Kylie Jenner lips! On the right is the most ugliest pink I have ever seen. The color is actually quite cute but on the lips it looks awful, haha. 
Each of these were under 1EUR.

 (in the picture You can see "dark" red, nude, and bright red, that I couldn't find earlier!),searchweb201527_4,searchweb201560_9

These brushes had also really good comments. They are really soft and look pretty. I haven't really used them, because I haven't been putting much makeup on lately. The cost of these brushes were under 2 euros.,searchweb201527_4,searchweb201560_9

This pressed powder consealer is really pigmented. The color on right side is obviously too dark for me. But I'll never know, when am I going to need it! That is not from aliexpress, but from which is basically the same as Ali. 

This cream consealer is pigmented and good. I haven't tried the darkest on, because I don't need it, yet, haha! In this picture it seems to be a bit shiny but it really isn't. 

I LOVE THIS THING. I am so very sorry that I didn't put a picture, when it was still clean and new. It is so soft (and smells kind of weird-good) and I wanted to use it right away! It costed around 50 cents. I think I am going to order few of these! 

These nail polishes I bought these from Cubus, each 1EUR. I love these colors! Definitely fall tones! I love, when I have put myself a bit longer nails (oopsie, fake-Keiti on action, yolo) and put some bright nail decorations, my nails would obviously look so good! 

Cat-eye sunglasses! These are cute! I was kind of worried, that these won't fit me but they look really cool! 

For these fake septum piercings, I waited for 4 weeks. I think it took way too long! I was kind of worried, that I am not going to get them. But I got them yesterday! I was excited but also a bit worried, that it doesn't look good, since I also have nose ring. I changed my nose ring into really small ball and but the septum on - and I am loving it! These are so cute! 

This set I waited for ages!!! I read from comments, that It is well pigmented and the colors are nice! Everyone would ask, why would I need 120 colors? Well. I have account on Pinterest and I have found some really cool fantasy makeup ideas, so why not to try. I am sure, I will need it in the future because of my job. Also I just want to be good at everything! 
I haven't tried these out yet, but I have long weekend so I guess I can practice! Every one of you could also be my model!!!

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