Wednesday, September 23


Hello to you too.
SO. Since I have nothing else to do with my life, I started this blog to tell you about my life and show pictures about my life. Fun, isn't it?
(although I should do my homework at the moment but oh-well who's got time for that? I also have stress so I just can't do it!)
Long story short:
last week on Wednesday I was sent to the hospital, emergency side ( I have no idea what else to call it) because my bloodsugar was extremely high (the highest on Wednesday was 18.6) I was feeling totally fine, only had a little flu. So the doctors took about 3 different blood tests and then few hours later one came to me and asked "Hey there, how are you feeling, do you know anything about diabetes"
I was taken to the diabetes doctor's office and she was telling me all about it. Ofcourse her question "do you know anything about it" told me actually "you are sweet and you have diabetes." The information pretty much went in to one ear and came out from other one. I was just panicing and crying like a little baby.
So she was telling me how I have to start to inject myself and check my bloodsugar every day about 5-6 times, for the rest of my life, ofcoruse.
I had to stay in for 2 nights. I had a breakdown almost every time when nurse brought me food. What an annoying procedure I have to do before I want to have normal lunch!

I got home on Friday and the doctor told me that I can't be alone for few nights. Maybe something could happen! I mean what could really happen if my bloodsugar was still so high and it's been high for really long time? Nothing happened.
I can't say that I am used to it but I am getting there. It still feels a bit bad to inject myself at school just before eating.

I was really bored while being in the hospital, ofcourse, so I made pictures about my food. I have heard that It is bad but I didn't like the breakfast only.













Obviously it is still hard the get used to it. I have known that I am type 1 diabetic for a week now and I have had my happy days and sad days. (today is one of the sad days unfortunately). But lets say that I have gone through lots of crap and I am Keiti, diabetic who kicks ass.
(When I knew that I have diabetes, I googled diabetes blogs but didn't find good ones to read, so I hope that this is going to help someone or at least make someone feel better. It is going to be okay. It is just not okay right now, but it's going to be.)

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