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como estas?

I am having one month living-in-Costa-del-Sol anniversary! How cool is that!?

Anyway. I am good. The culture here is SO different from my culture and obviously it takes more time to get used to everything. Some things here absolutely piss me off and other things I am so in love with.

I mean it is just how I ( ME!) see this, it is my opinion and it definitely does not mean that I am moving back or I would hate this place. Nope, no worries.

(also, if you are reading this and you are not finnish or estonian and these things seem to be normal for you, amazing! It's just how I see them and we don't have these things in my country) 

  • Spanish people are horribly slow. Here the streets are not as wide as in Estonia, so when they walk super slowly, they could also stop at one point (THEY aka there are like 4 of them on the sidewalk and you can't pass them) and start to talk to each other or dream about something and you just cant pass them. To be honest, it seriously pisses me off.
  • People here have late night dinners. I find it super unhealthy. They have dinner at around 10-11 pm? maybe and stay up until 1 in the restaurants, with kids. Okay it is non of my business actually how their kids sleep but I mean in my opinion it is unhealthy to have dinner that late because if they have big meals, they won't use all the energy that they get from that food. But hey, they are not fat and are more happy than I am. I should learn from them. 

  • I absolutely love the beach culture. They take all their grannies and grandpas and aunts and literally MOVE to the beach for a day. They take like 5 sunbrellas, 10 sun chairs, tables, some of them even have a big tents and they have meals there and drinks and snacks and they just hang out there. I love it! I find it really cute and I wish I could take ALL my family to the beach, they would love it here! 

  • Spain is so stuck in the 1980, haha. By that I mean that I don't see lots of kids on their phones, more like they are playing different games on the beach and hanging out more, without phones! Also there are a lot more paperwork than in the north. There everything is done on computers and all the information is on internet. Or when you go to police station to get important things done, you are the one who needs to copy your papers beforehand, they don't do it there. They are polices, not copy machines? Also people use cash here a lot. They even pay their rent in cash, so it could be more sure? I don't know why, haha. 

I had one death week here. It means that I was so sick that I felt like I am near. I couldn't eat anything and I was sleepy all the time but I also couldn't sleep normally. That's why I was so tired, also because I wasn't eating so I didn't have energy to do stuff. My throat was really sore and swollen. Luckily it is all over now. 

I am loving it here! I love my job so much, it's crazy! I wish I had more customers though! But most of the finnish people are in Finland now and they will start to come in September/October! Come quickly, I want to make you look pretty! 

Granny hair!

Lets talk about my own hair drama: 

I love to change my hair sometimes. I am such an impatient person and need a change from time to time so I usually dye my hair pastel pink or pastel purple. It comes off quite quickly since I have bleached hair so I won't be able to get tired from the purple or pink. This time I wanted them purple again and I quite loved it. 

Yesterday I had a little siesta time so I decided to go to the beach. I also went swimming, the water was soooo nice and really warm! Also my hair got wet but I didn't think that something bad could happen because nothing has happened before. So I went back to work, then home, then shower. And when I got out of the shower, my hair was GREEN. Literally green, not joking. Too bad I didn't take a photo of my hair but it was something like that: 

I wish that my hair looked as nice as on the picture! It was horrible! It is the most horrible thing that could happen a blond girl. 

So I washed it again but nothing changed, then I ran to the store with my greenish hair and bought some lemon juice, put it in my hair and let it be there for 30 minutes. After washing it off, it was still quite greenish but not as much anymore. BUT NOT PRETTY! 

I pretty much didn't have other choice but to get used to my greenish-blueish disgusting hair. Or maybe cut them short? Because I know that not even bleach could make it white again like I had them before. 

Today when I woke up, I did another lemon juice mask but it didn't remove the green a lot. Obviously I had been googling different things like how could I get it off! One of the most common thing was to put ketchup to my hair. It was actually quite logical. It is the opposite color of green so it would make it more natural, also it had some vinegar in it and it could never dye my hair red. My hair was green, so I didn't have much to loose anymore so I tried it. 

(before ketchup)

(during ketchup) 

(after the ketchup) 

It was in my head for about 10 minutes and then washed it normally again. These pictures aren't that good because it makes my hair a lot lighter but in real life it still has some of the green left. I will get another ketchup from the store today and try to do this mask again. I would do anything to get rid of the green! Does not suit me! 

Otherwise life starts to get nicer and nicer every day. I will start packing tomorrow and then move again to the other apartment. I met this amazing girl last time I was here and now we are going to be roommates! 

Less text, more photos!

I really like it here. I believe that you would too! Come visit me! 

Hasta luego! xo

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