Wednesday, October 14


Hey there!
I am doing okay, thanks! I will probably be one frozen princess by tomorrow, because it is really cold in Finland, including my apartment. On my free day, when I am not anywhere else, I keep drinking tea all the time! Today I am having orange-cinnamon tea with cinnamon sticks in it! Now I know, what heaven tastes like. 
Usually I am happy to be home. Wasn't so happy today, because I went to the dentist. Well, I survived. Don't think I will when going back next time!

(PS BTW NB! Big thanks to my brother for having me at his, while I was in Estonia. Otherwise I would have been pretty much homeless)

Also had a nice walk in the woods with my friend and her dogs. I think I can't put it into words, how much I love these dogs. My friend has told me, that these dogs probably love me more than I love them. NOPe!!

After a walk I had junkfood dinner with two of my favourite girls in this country. I would be a different person, if I didn't have them next to me! 

I hope You liked! 

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