Monday, October 12


I am doing fine! My mini vacation in Estonia has come to an end and I enjoyed it. 
On Sunday I spent all day with one of my bestie - beautiful Liivi. We had delicious lunch and also decided to have estonian Pumkin Spice Latte. I was pretty disappointed because it tasted like usual latte. 

(Where could I find any powder or something so I could make spiced cinnamon latte(or sth) at home??? It doesn't taste good if I put just cinnamon in the latte)

Surprise Moday!
Lets get it straight out.
I got a new tattoo. I got it on my foot (it hurt reallllllly much, I was literally crying and screaming inside, now I don't even feel like I have one there). There is text that says "on step at a time". I have liked this idea a lot. I think it says A LOT about me. One step is not enough at a time. I want to make like hundred steps at once. But I can't. I still haven't learnt. Lets see, maybe I will one day. 
I was hanging out with my little brother all day. Also saw Anna-Lea at some point and we had lunch at one of th coolest restaurants in Tartu. After I was alone with Robert and we were just hanging around in Tartu. We visited graveyard, our grandfather. When came back to downtown, we found lots of street art! We loved it! 
Some of the photos did my brother. I can see, that I have been teaching him, how to make good photos. He has a good eye! He will be good one day!

I hope you enjoyed. Love u. 

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