Saturday, October 10


Hey there!
I have a holiday!! You have no idea, how long I have been waiting for this! I had no motivation at all to do stuff at school, also at home. I needed to get out of my everyday life. So I decided to come to Estonia. The same day I left my apartment, I also got my new camera (You can read about my new camera purchase here) so obviously I take pictures about EVERYTHING pointless. 
I came here with my younger brother. I presented him Starbucks and bought him hot chocolate. I (ofcourse) was being a total white girl and decided to get Pumpkin Spice Latte, since I have never had it and I had heard only good about it. 
And O H it eas good! Didn't really taste the pumpkin flavor, it was more like cinnamon latte for me. It was delicious! 
We came to Tartu right away. My friend was waiting for me and we decided to go out and have a tiny little bar night. It was fun! But I was also kind of a control freak because I didn't know, what would alcohol do with my bloodsugar. Well, it went up. 
Didn't need weed, I was high anyway, haha. 
I didn't feel bad though. I was just breathing really heavily (now I know, that is when I am high) 
The next day was all about family, (who still lives in Estonia). I saw lots of my family members and spent time with them. Also had an amazing chinese dinner with my brothers. 


I'll tell you that on Monday, haha.  

I lovelove this camera! You should all get it! I am also so very in love with this city! 


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