Sunday, October 25


Hola there! 

I am great. Last two times, when I have visited my diabetes doctor, she has said, that my blood sugar numbers are really good and it has gone like that really fast. It's only been a month! My doctor also mentioned, that when having a bit harder times, I should remember, that I am not living with diabetes, it is living with me. (So it better do what I want oooor...)
I almost feel like human being again. This month has been the craziest ever! I have just been so clumsy! My thoughts have been flying everywhere else but not here. 

Lots of my friends know, what my future plans are like. Something like going to England in November( birthday celebrations!!!), look for salon internship, going back there in March and work for 5 weeks, ask if I could have a summer job in the same salon etc... 
So a week ago I decided to book my tickets to London. I checked everything twice (I think 3 times would have been better) and paid everything. Few minutes after payment I noticed that the date is wrong! W H A T?! 
I called Norwegian immediately and asked, if I could change my date. I was told, that I can't, but they can just cancel my trip and I can book everything again. They are not going to charge anything. When trying to book again, I couldn't do it. I checked, if I had money on my account, (I did have enough) but It just didn't let me pay for it. Also I noticed, that I didn't have the same amount of money on my account anymore. I called them again and asked like "Yoo where's my money". They told me that they didn't charge anything because I cancelled it 4 hours after booking. BUT this money went to reserve. And it takes about 2-3 weeks to get back! :) :) :) :) :) :) 
So they told me, if I want to get it back faster, might help, if I ask my bank's fax number and send it to Norwegian. It's been 4 days now, but I don't have it yet. We'll see. 
Although I still booked new tickets because the price could go really high later. So I basically have paid double. So basically I am S U PE R poor right now. Yolo. I am going to England!!! 

Clumsiness nr 2. Which is not actually all about being clumsy. I also wasn't thinking. But I think in that situation everyone had done like that. 
I went out with my little brother but It started to rain, so I gave him my keys so he could go back home. I had a thing, that I had to do at downtown so I went with my bike anyway. I went to the shop and locked my bike and when I came back, I realized that I don't have keys to unlock my bike! So I just walked back home, took my keys and went back to get my bike. And it was raining all that time. It was great time walking tho, I was thinking about this blog post :). 

ANYWAYS. This stupid clumsiness and stress and everything going down ends now! I am so tired of bad surprises. 

I hope You are doing alright! 


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