Tuesday, October 27

CAN DIABETICS GET TATTOOS? (are they really THAT special)

Hey there. 

When I was in the hospital, my doctor gave me a book about type 1 diabetes. I think I got so much new information within few days from doctors, that I didn't feel like reading it back then. Also now I have read everything from the internet (in my own language), so I still haven't read it, to be honest.. 

Sometimes I read some articles about diabetes. Different experiences and just info, that might be new for me.
About 2 weeks ago I read that diabetics' feet care is super important. It there is a wound, it might take more time to heal. Or if Your blood sugar is high and You have a wound You don't know about, there is a possibility that You could have a infection later. 

SO. I decided to get a tattoo on my foot. (You can read a bit about it here). Few days before getting it, I remembered, that wounds take longer to heal on feet. And well, tattoo is a bit bigger wound. So obviously I googled about diabetics getting tattoos on their feet and found different answers. One said, that she is never going to get one because she had heard that they will never heal. The other one said that it healed like other tattoos, fast and didn't have any problems.
I pretty much didn't have other choice anymore. I mean I would have had but I really wanted it so I still didn't have other choice.
On that day, I used a bit of numbing gel but it didn't help at all, because I put it on too late. It hurt like *#¤%"%&&"!!#¤>8. (sorry) (but only when the needle was in). After getting it, it didn't hurt at all. 
But You guys know, when having a brand new tattoo, it has a scab on it for some time. I have other tattoos too so I kind of remember, that it has come off pretty fast. But now, after 2.5 weeks, the scab on my foot tattoo hasn't still came off. Isn't that weird? So I guess that is one sign, that it takes longer to heal. Fortunately it doesn't hurt. (I can feel the scab, but it's like, kind of soft)
I really hope that it comes off soon! It doesn't bother me though, but it is still weird. 

Okay I guess it is healing slowly because my blood sugar is jumping up and down all the time. It's totally fine when my sugar is about 7-9 but sometimes it goes up to 14 or 15. (wow, I just thought about it now, after few hours of writing this) (yeah, I have been writing this for few hours because sometimes my brain just stops thinking and I don't know what to write about) (Okay, never mind)

SO. People with diabetes CAN get tattoos BUT it is really important for blood sugar to be normal. And not only when getting one but actually all the time. And also later so the healing would be normal. Although people are different and it would take different amount of time to different human beings. 

Here is what I got. 

Get as much tattoos as possible. Of course if you like them! I am sure that our tattoo-generation will be badass when being old! 

(these pictures are not from my family album but from google! :)) 

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