Monday, November 2


Hello there!

On Friday, when I was at school, my mom called me and asked, if I want to go to Tallinn with her. I am open to all kinds of mini-vacations at the moment, so of course I went with her. She found some weird-kind of fur coat from thrift store so her main reason was to visit one leather business there, where it could be done a little differently. We had a nice walk in old town and nice lunch in Silk eating sushi.
On our way back we enjoyed some more sushi, some cake and some drunk people dancing.

Mom playing with food and trying to make a food scullhead

Definitely the coolest library inside and out! 

 We found pretty delicious-looking cafe, from where we bought a dessert 


 Little late night dinner on the ferry and since we didn't have spoons, we just made them. 

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