Tuesday, November 3


Hey there!! 

Lets get into business. 

I got the idea of making KFC chicken at home, when my friend sent me a picture (or few??) about eating KFC food. I love it! I have had it in England and it is definitely a tradition to have it every time, I go there. (what an unhealthy tradition, though :( ) Since we don't have it in Finland, I thought why not to make it at home. It can't be that hard! 
I remember telling my friend, that I am going to make it on the next day, but unfortunately I went to the hospital and I was just dreaming there about that amazing chicken. Also after finding out about diabetes, I wasn't sure if I could eat it at all. (I knew I could at some point but counting the carbs was a bit difficult back then) 


I had everything at home I needed so when I woke up from my nap, I really had KFC in my mind again. So I started with it! It is super-easy to make it at home but I still wanted to make sure how to do it. I looked for it from youtube and found 2 a bit different recipes. I'll just mention, that I used the second one... 

(btw, look at his other videos! I think I am going to be a cook from now on!)

Needed for that flour, milk, eggs, spices and of course, chicken. For different spices I used salt, lemongrass, curry, garlicsalt, paprika flour and black pepper. 

To one bowl, I mixed together flour with spices and to the other bowl, eggs and a bit of milk. 

First I put a chicken to an eggmix and after that to flourmix. Then I put it in the pan, where was hot oil.

I think I could have fried my own fingers too and that would have been tasty!


 I didn't have anything else to eat chicken with so I had pickles and tomatoes.
Not going to lie about it. It actually looked good, but I didn't like it. The crispy part tasted good but it was kind of hard to boil it in the oil until it is also ready in the inside, because the crispy part would have been black by the time. At least I ate all the pickles and tomatoes. And I can just have the real KFC in England, no need to try it at home. 
I guess I still have to stay in hairdressing school..

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  1. Proovi teinekord väiksemate kanakoibadega, nt. broileri tiiva õlaosa tükkidega, siis ehk jõuab läbi praadida selle aja jooksul, ühtlasi, kui ka maitsetu oli ntx, siis võid kana ka eelnevalt nö sisse soolata, kergelt :)