Monday, November 9


Hola there!
Since the day I was born, I have loved-loved-LOVED chinese food, or just asian food. Just few days ago I promised my friend, that I won't die before I know, how to cook proper chinese food. (Not like proper because I don't have those proper chinese spices and other stuff.) I have googled a lot how to make the food, but I would always need different oils and weird spices so I just give up, every time.
Yesterday I was doing the google search again and found super easy recipe, how to make fried rice. (I order it every time I have chinese, love it!
And since I had some rice at home ready waiting for me to eat, I decided to try to fry it. 

In Finland (in Citymarket) they sell this really good  Mediterranean frozen ricemix, that you just put to the microwave for 2,5 minutes and it is ready. It also has pepper and tomatoes and some other stuff in it. It tastes so good!!

So The rice bags, which were ready, had been in the fridge for few days. i have read, that the rice must be cold, it is pretty important thing. Otherwise it won't come out as good. 
So things I needed were rice, eggs, also had some shrimps and frozen veggies. 

First I fry eggs and mix them until they look like little egg pieces. 
(Okay I must apologize first for how I explain, haha. If I say something that sounds weird, that is just because my english is not as good as yours)
After eggs I just add rice, veggies and shrimps. It must be mixed all the time, because for example I have such a terrible frying pan but I don't want to use much oil. Also a bit of salt would be good, I don't really use salt in my foods so I added a bit of soy sauce.

I mixed it until it is completely golden-brown. 

This is probably the best dish I have EVER made. To be honest, at first I was pretty sure, that I am not going to share it with anyone, because I wanted it to be a tiny secret and just make it to everybody, who comes to visit. But well, using internet is free and probably all of You could find it and I just wanted to tell you how happy and excited I am, because I know to make fried rice now! In my way. Which tastes great. Okay, this is better than great. 


  1. A pretty good way to make fried rice is like this. There are many styles to make fried rice but here's a pretty good way. Cook some long grain jasmine rice. Cut an onion, fry it up, and while doing that cut one whole garlic. Chop it up finely and then add it to the onion. After that, cut some meat: Spam, bacon, chicken, whatever takes your fancy, and then pop it in. Stir-fry for a while and then add a good amount of frozen mixed vegetables. Stir around for awhile. Add the cooked rice to pan and mix. While mixing add soy sauce, chili soy sauce, and sesame oil to taste. In a separate pan fry five eggs omelette style and then cut it up when done and mix with main dish. And that's how you can have fried rice.

    1. Hello Jack! Thank You so much for Your recipe! I thought my way is the most easiest but not the real chinese one. But I will definitely write Your tips down and try to make it! Thanks! - Keiti