Tuesday, November 10


Hey there! 

Okay. I have had pretty horrible month, or two. Started with diabetes which came like lightning from a clear sky! I felt really bad and stressed. I got different bills from hospital, got fined, problems with booking flights etc. I needed to be alone a lot so I could sort my &%¤# out. I got texts like "It is going to be fine, you are going to be fine, it can't go down the hill all the time". A month ago, I thought, Yes, it can.  I couldn't even react somehow if something happened. It was bad. 
Few weeks ago I felt like things are getting better. I felt more happy and excited about things. I think it is really important to have something You are waiting for, so it could motivate You to go forward. 
Here are some things that motivate me and make me feel happy and super excited: 
  • My grandparents are coming to visit  me this weekend from Estonia. We are going to celebrate my birthday at my mom's house. I am sure we are having great food, great drink, great conversations, great sauna! I can't wait! I haven't seen them for pretty long time! Also, somehow I have started to love sauna more! 
  • I AM GOING TO ENGLAND!!! I guess I will be telling that to everyone until the day is actually here. I am going to see London, my sweetest friends, beautiful places, going to have adventures. Lets see what it brings me this time! 
  • I am getting older! On my birthday I will be in England and I can celebrate it with my best friends! Also I could see myself having fun by shopping and treating myself!  
  • LIVBOX aka birchbox! I have decided to order a livbox. It is basically a little box, that You receive monthly with 4-6 beauty and lifestyle products. They could be full size or sample sizes. You never know what You are getting! It is like getting Christmas present every month!! 
  •  V A C A T I O N! I had to go to Egypt with my family in December. I guess you have heard about Russian plane crash after 23 min. take-off. Lots of countries have cancelled all the flights to Sharm el Sheikh, also ours! Our travel agency will let us know if we could go there (to be honest, I don't really feel like going there anymore) or we have to go somewhere else. I would love to go to Greece. But anyway, I know that I am going on vacation soon! 
  • CHRISTMAS! Who doesn't love christmas?! I used to not like christmas before, but I have tried to find beautiful things out of it. First of all, get to be with the family. I wouldn't say that I am really close with my family but in xmas time it nice to come together, have huge dinner, die to foodcoma and get presents. 
  • New yearDo I have new years promises? No. Will I make them? Probably not. It is still going to be fun. Also eat much, drink.. not so much, have fun a lot and watch fireworks.. and sleep long on the next day. 
So. I think I have maybe few things to be excited about. I think all that keeps me going! Like motivating to go to school (I am so tired to go there and I need a tiny change!!) and do stuff, so there is something to wait for. 
(I can't even. My back hurts so much, because I had a full day at school salon. I have no idea how I am going to do it when I have a job...)  

I hope You have something that keeps you going! It is so important to have something like that. Even wait for the weekend when You could sleep long and have breakfast at 1 pm and wear PJs 2 days in a row!  


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