Saturday, November 14


Hey there!

I am going to England!!! Finally! I have been waiting for it for so long!! I really like this place! I like the atmosphere, I think it is beautiful country and people there are incredibly sweet, friendly and polite! (what I haven't seen lately in Finland) 
Last time I was there, was in summer, when I spent 2 weeks at my friends'. Now I am going back to see my lovely ones, celebrate my 21st birthday and look for internship. Sounds great, doesn't it? 
I have been there 3 times before and I never know, what to pack with me. I always take extra things or totally forget something, when I am off to somewhere. 
This post is not going to be one, where I post pictures about stuff that I am going to take with me and add a reason. 

This is not going to take You long, so I ask You politely, if You could write 1 thing, that I should take to England with me. 

Maybe, if I actually start packing, I have forgotten something so I really need Your help. I am going to have a small bag, where I have the most important thing and a little suitcase, which I am going take to the plane with me. 
So I hope when You are reading this, You don't close the page before You have written something in the comments. It is not an order, though. But I hope You will do it. It would help me a lot. 


  1. totally nagu paki mingi lund vms

  2. Hello! I live in the North of England (have just moved from the South) however I recommend a big warm coat, an umbrella and a good book! The good book is for all the little quirky coffee shops we have other here that you might want to take some time to enjoy. Wishing you all the best.
    Love x

    1. Thank You for your comment!! I actually didn't think of taking a book with me but I guess I am going to do it! I am definitely going to have some time, when I am totally alone so reading in coffee shop is a great idea! Thanks! X