Thursday, November 26


Heeeeey there. 

Long time no see! It is because I was in Eng-wonder-land for a week. I liked being there so much! Got to spend time with my dear friends, eat and drink and live English life.
I have quite a "few" photos to show, so take time! (pictures taken with Canon powershot sx610 and Huawei Honor 7)

Since I slept only a bit at night, I couldn't wait until I get on plane and can have a morning nap. My flight was at 8 something in the morning so I had to wake up pretty early. When getting on the plane, my seat was on the 29th row and I had two finnish people next to me. Right before take off I saw that the last row was totally empty but I couldn't go there anymore. So after 15 minutes, I moved to the back with my things! 

When I got to London, I had about 4 hours until my bus to Leeds. I wanted to have that much time so I could walk around and see the city. I didnt't realize, that travelling like that would make me feel tired so sitting in Starbucks and having a sandwich, I just wanted to go to Leeds and not walk around with my suitcase. Fortunately it wasn't heavy and big. I was in London, so obviously I didn't think of my travelling tiredness and went for a walk. Since Big Ben and Buckingham Palace are really near, I walked there and took few pictures on the way. 

 Elza was at home! 

I still had to wait at the bus station for an hour because I was tired. The time went pretty fast and at the next point I was in Leeds! My friends M&M (haha) came to the bus station and then we went home (also grabbed a burger before going home). 

 MK got so excited with my new phone so she had to take few selfies!

The next day my other friend Corni was there (she is living in Sweden at the moment so I hadn't seen her for long time). We went to downtown to have some normal coffee and junk food. In the evening we went to the German Market, which was christmassy and looked wonderful! Only snow was missing!


On the next day we had breakfast all together and also decided to go to town. We went to the market and just walked around the city. In the evening, which was a day before my 21-st birthday, we decided to go to the bars. Also my health decided to not care, that I am on mini vacation so I was ill. I had runny nose, my throat was sore and probably had a fever. Well nobody really cared, Margot got me a Coldrex kind of thing, which I put into the hot water and drink. I felt much better after. 

Haha sorry. I guess Friday was all abot selfies!!! Also it started to snow at night, which was so beautiful!!!  You just have to see, how beautiful my friends are!! 

ON MY BIRTHDAY I was still kind of sick. We had a toffee-cheesecake in the morning (Corni just left in the morning so we couldn't eat it all together). After that we went to have a coffee in Costa, bought chinese take away and got ready to go out. I was still feeling ill so I actually decided to stay home, but we still had few drinks and fun at home. I insisted my friends to go out because they were so ready for it! I am not even sad, that I didn't go because I got to go to sleep normally and felt much better on the next day! I still went out with all my friends on Friday so I don't feel bad. 

 How ironic this is to have the biggest spoon and the biggest bite of toffee cheesecake, which has like 10000000g of sugars, when I'm actually diabetic. Not sorry! 

 Hi Maria!
I think I kind of had a great makeup on my face so I feel a bit guilty that I didn't go out because I felt great. Well the good thing is, that I can go out again soon and feel great again soon!  

On Sunday me and my friend Mike went to York! It was soooo beautiful! The streets reminded me a bit of a downtown in Tallinn. 

Chocolate shot, who freaking amazing does that look?? 


I loved York! I loved the Christmas decorations, Christmas market, mulled wine,  little streets, old houses, beer bar, strawberry beer, smokey burger, really drunk and old man, who was kind of creepy, fairy lights at night.

 On Monday I had a bit of alone time and I went to downtown to find a salon where I could do my internship, which is in spring. Basically, everyone were super positive and polite and friendly with me, but obviously they couldn't decide it right then. So I got answers like "we will contact you". One was even "The latest day You will get an answer is Wednesday". Well today is Thursday and I have got nothing. 
I can't be sure if I am going to get an answer but lets hope for the best. I think everyone knows how much I want this!
 In the evening me and my 3 friends decided to go to the shisha bar, which was pretty close to our house. Since it was my last night there, we wanted to do something fun. 


On Tuesday I basically packed my stuff, said goodbye to my Maria, Margot and Mike and left Leeds. I got to London at 9 in the evening and went to the airport right away. I had a 4 hour sleep at the airport, had breakfast and was just waiting for my flight. Fortunately it all went pretty quickly. I was stressing out about it because I was homeless and sick and didn't want to go home, obviously. 


I enjoyed my trip really much! I needed the time to get away from here and I am feeling much more fresh! 
Until next time!
I love you, England! 

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