Friday, November 27


Hola there!
When I was in Leeds, I found a little makeup cornershop when we were walking in the Leeds Market. They were also selling a gift bags, 2£ a bag. It contained 7 makeup products, and obviously I didn't know what is in there. So I bought a few (not in one day, tho) to see what is in there and how good these products are. 
I must tell, it was super exciting but I didn't even know, if I am going to use any of these. I didn't make a picture all of the products becauce I am in Finland now and I left few of these to England. obviously the ones, that I am never going to use. There were blue and purple eyeshadow,  about 3 yellow nailpolishes, one blue eye pencil and few lip glosses. There were still pretty much of these, what I want to use in the future.

These are the things that looked promising so I kept them. 


I am kind of excited and happy that I got these. There are super sparkly fake eyelashes. i can't use them right now, because I have eyelash extensions. I think it is W7 product but I am not sure if that is the righ name. Also I got 3 mascaras from Constance Carroll. 2 of these are black and one is light brown. I think the brown one is going to look really natural. The brushes are also nice. 
There were also 2 K@T eye pencils. i think I would use the dark brown one on my eyebrows and blue one... Well maybe i just might need that one day!


The sunkissed shimmer dust brush I actually bought from Primark. I think my skin will look great when I am going to Egypt and I am tanned. 
The Maybelline loose shimmer power is also really nice. I tried it on my skin, also face but I thought it is going to give more shininess (is that even a word??) but I couldn't really see it. Maybe it will be more seen if I had a base on my face. So first foundation and everything and then the shimmer. 
Revlon ColorStay sunkissed finishing powder is definitely my favourite. I love the color. On my face it didn't look so dark, it was just perfect. 


I love all the colors. All of these are really pigmented. The pink one is from Laval, passion pink, nr 78. I think the color is really cute. 
The middle one is from Revlon, nr 060, chocolate. In that picture it seems te be more dark than in real life. I like the color really much. It is like dark nude on the lips. 
Third one is Collection 2000, ultra shine, flushed, nr 7. I like that it is also darker than my own lips but still nude.
The pink lipgloss is kind of interesting. It is called Plumping lipgloss, from Collection 2000. On the lips, it doesn't have any color, the smell is kind of minty. It says to apply it  3 times a day at least 28 days for a more kissable lips. So does it make them bigger? Softer? Well lets try and see, what my lips look like in a month, if they are more kissable or not, haha.

I really like these products and definitely will buy more of those gift bags when I get to Leeds again! Or should I ask my friends to bring me or send me? Haha, we'll see. 

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