Wednesday, December 30


Hola there! 

Here is a bit of my hair history...
I have always loved blond hair! I think they are beautiful and look pure. They could also look really damaged and ugly but I am trying my best to make them look great. I think I got my first highlights, when I was about 12-13 years old. Since then I have been damaging my hair and they are not really happy about it. Also since then I have really wanted white hair but I never got them. I just didn't know anything about bleaching (the honesty corner: I bleached my hair at home, A LOT) so I had them always too yellow or too grey, but never actually white!

(it's me, in 2009, when I was 15. Looking like a little miss sunshine with yellowish hair!)
 At some point I realized, how damaged my hair is and I dyed them brown. A year later I started with highlights and in a bit of time, I was yellowish blond again. 
In 2013 I moved to Finland and 2014 I went to hairdressing school. And I finally got my white hair! After about...7 years? 

So my hair is really damaged and I have realized it only now! I think it is really good, that I study hairdressing, because I know more about my hair and what should I use. I honestly didn't know a thing about 2 years ago. 
I do now. A little. 

ANYWAYS. I got my roots done few days ago and they felt like hay in my head! I literally ran to the shop and bought a Garnier avocado oil & shea butter hair mask. It didn't make my hair soft but I don't think it will in first use! So I'll post about it later! 

I have also been using Goldwell Elixir Oil, which should make my hair silky and shiny and as well as should improve combability.  
I guess it has done all that but silkiness. My hair doesn't feel so soft but It should be understandable, because I have bleached them a lot.

So, since I wanted to have white hair pretty long time and I got them, it is also kind of hard to make them to look pure and white. Or maybe even a bit greyish-white. When I was still living in Estonia, I bought a Ice Cream no-yellow shampoo and I can say that it is the best shampoo ever! I have heard and tried so many different silver shampoos but that is the one that does its job! 

(oh my god look at the ends of the hair! I am a bit embarrassed) 
I really hope that this mask will make my hair look and feel better. I feel so sorry for my hair (or maybe that sounds a bit weird) but I'll try everything to make them look pretty again! (also want them to be looooonger!)

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