Wednesday, December 30


Ho ho ho there!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope You all had an amazing time during Christmas, got to eat and drink a lot and got some great presents from Santa AAND going to have crazy New Year Eve!
I spent my Christmas in Estonia and going to spend my NYE in Finland. I am so very excited about it! I am going to make some estonian food to my friends, have good time and celebrate new year!
BUT lets talk about christmas time in Estonia.
Tartu during Christmas looks amazing!!! Yes, Helsinki too..! I spent lots of time with my friends, had lots of good foods and drinks, went to friend's birthday party and lots of more.

White girl in action again aka having a morning drink in Starbucks, Helsinki

Literrrrallllly the best waffle I have ever had. There is a small wafflecafe in a shopping center  (in Tartu) where You can have a waffle and different things on it. That one in the picture was my friend's, I had also with caramel, ice cream and bananas! I loved it! It was sooo delicious!

Tartu during Christmas looks wonderful! The snow was the only thing that was missing! Still, the Christmas lights and huge Christmastree gave nice and cozy feeling.

 I really liked my hair and makeup on Christmas Eve.

 My dad on the left and my uncle on the right look so similar! Obviously because they are brothers but they didn't look THAT similar before. The more they get older, the more they look alike! In the middle is my brother!

Had an amazing time with family. We had nice dinner, played wordgame Alias and had skype conversation with our cousin who is in America at the moment. 

 On the next day in the evening I had dinner at chinese (was deliciouuuss) and had a little walk again in the city centre. 

THAT BOOK!  I was waiting for so long to buy this book! I was thinking about ordering it from the internet, then wanted to buy it in Leeds (for some reason I still didn't do it). But now I saw that in the bookstore in Tartu and that was obviously a sign! 
I love it! It is really funny and well written. It is not about how YOU should live but has some good tips. I definitely recommend it! 

In the evening I went to my friend's birthday party! Had great time spending some time with friends I hadn't seen for long time, had great food, great drinks and great games! 

 I feel like my selfie-game was pretty strong on that day.

On the last day in Tallinn I met my best friends and even had time to chat with them! Hadn't seen them for such a long time and I am glad we still found some time for each other! 

And beautiful Helsinki covered with fairy lights!

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