Saturday, November 26

CHUBBY FASHION - you can't eat that much, it's ugly!

Hey there!! 

 Unfortunately we still live in a world (although it has changed quite a lot) where people are judging others by their looks. 

The main topic today is "girls being chubby"

I'll tell You about myself little bit. I have been chubby my whole life. (only the half of the year I wasn't because of undiagnosed diabetes so I had lost lots of weight but "luckily" it all came back) and half of my life I have been really unconfident about myself. Also some people around me, that are dear to me, have "helped" me with making fun of me so it actually made it even worse. I felt ugly because of my weight and because what I looked like.
But I am done with it now. I feel quite nice about myself! Or lets be honest, I am one big hot goddess. 

But since I already got pretty personal... I still have people around me, maybe few, maybe only one... that keeps telling me how "healthy" I eat and I end up being fat and I could become a sumo wrestler. I mean is this really a thing you tell a girl?!?!?! 

I mean I am doing my best not to judge what these women do if they really love that sport. But in that case it is not meant as a sport but it is offensive. 

Since now it is so important to be skinny and underwear models are all so tiny, I have something else to say and show. I mean, look at these gorgeous girls...

I feel like these people are sick who look and judge women with how much they could weigh. In these pictures I can only see really stylish ladies and I wish I looked like they do! 
So if You, little bastard, are reading this and remembering right away that You have said nasty things to people about what they look like, shame on You. 

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