Sunday, November 20

That moment when... | MYENGLAND

... when you feel like you belong somewhere else. 

Hello there!

#myEngland was great as always! I spent 3 days in London wandering around and enjoying the warm weather and lovely people!
I love this country! I get so sad every time when I am leaving. Hopefully someday I don't have to leave anymore.
Everytime when I go to UK, I always end up in Leeds but this time I had just a tourist trip in London. We visited Oxford Street, Madame Tussauds, Big Ben and London Eye, drove with Hackney taxi and ate chips with everything!

I'll share some of the photos with You but it never gives the right feeling how awesome it was!

We had such a lovely hotel, just about 7 minutes from Hyde Park and Oxford street!

We also visited a little Chinatown part! Found same great deals (Nicky) and since we all are chinese food lovers, we had lunch at chinese family restaurant!

Such a great trip with such a great company! See you soon again, London-baby! 

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