Thursday, January 26

My Egypt was...

Hey there! How you all doing? 

My Egypt was amazing! Although what kind of place wouldn't be amazing that has lots of sun, good food, good drinks, amazing people, great atmosphere! I don't tan so easily so I didn't really have a problem with burning! 

The flight took off in the early morning so we spent the night at the airport. Fun fun!! 

Our hotel was called Ali Baba Palace Resort and it served us well! It was beautiful, had really nice rooms and was close to the sea. 

We got some great food and enjoyed ourselves inside or outside of the hotel. 

Also I met some super-awesome people from Germany and had quite a few nights with them until 5 in the morning! Had lots of fun! 

Lovely Jessy 

We had a day off in Cairo! I never thought I would get there and it was my dream! 

Loved the time in Hurghada! See you again soon! 

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