Tuesday, April 19


Hello there.

My England was perfect.
The last few weeks went so fast. Also, I have been home a week already.
I am not sure anymore when will I go back to that magic land because I have been there way too many times. I need new places and new adventures and new stories.

On one Sunday me and Mike decided to go to York again. I like this city so much!! It is small and cute and has cute vibe. We went to train museum which was surprisingly interesting, walked in city center, enjoyed some strawberry beer and food and chilly weather. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling so good, I was a bit ill but I still liked it there.

In Leeds, I had English breakfast for the first time with Maria @ Popinas. It was a little cute place near to our house. Although I knew that they eat beans and bacon and eggs, but this time we got full English breakfast and it was deliciouuuuuussss.

Also I met the cutest girl from Shrine - Jaymie. We had been planning on doing something for so long but we never did anything. So once we went to Shrine with Maria after Jaymie finished and we went to The Original Oak and had some food and beer, again.

The same night we went to Pasha with Maria and had some shisha!

Then. All of a sudden. It was the day that we were all scared of..
The day when I had to leave...
Fortunately Maria came with me to London and we spent a nice day there!

(also, ps! outfit of the day, lol) 

Basically we were hanging out in city center all the time. Saw Big Ben, had some waffles, went on the London Eye, walked through the city while it was raining ( but it was soooo warm outside so we weren't cold at all!) Also found a pub, had food and beer (of course) and found our way back to the hostel! 

I also filmed a bit on that day and edited the video! 

I had to wake up really early on the next day. I had to make sure that I don't miss my plane (been there, done that). Fortunately it didn't happen! 

Love you England. Until next time!

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