Tuesday, March 22


Hoi there.

I am not missing home.*
I like that country and I can imagine myself living here one day. I thought I am going to text my teacher and say that my apologies but she won't see me at school anymore. But I guess I am not going to do it. Yet.

So. How is life here? 
It's ok. 

  • People are the most polite ever!! Even if I try to be really polite, I feel like I still am the rudest person on this planet whenever I am in England. 
  • It seems to me that they don't like cleaning after themselves. It's kind of disgusting, to be honest. There are lots of trash on the streets. 
  • IT'S SO WARM!!!  I see snaps and keep hearing about snow in Finland and Estonia and I am not jealous! 
  • I am not getting normal food. By that I mean that MK doesn't cook at home so we have crappy food all the time. And that's where my main money goes! Although I am trying my best to cook at home, too!
Chicken and chips! My all time favorite! 

My first fish and chips! Not sure if I liked or not.
  • The housemates that I am living in the same house with, are so nice. Well. 3 out of 4 :) :). (One girl is being a little b?¤%# but that's fine.) There are also living 2 guys in this house. One guy, Tom, is from Lithuania. He is really cool and friendly! The other guy's name is Yanis and he is from Morocco! He is also really friendly and talkative! And well MK aka Maria Kristina is just fine, I guess.
On 17th of March it was St. Patricks day here. Although me and MK had to go to work the next day, we decided to have "few drinks" on Thursday night with other 2 cool housemates. We had a little bit more than few drinks and had lots of fun!

  • I don't know yet how do I feel about doing my internship here. I mean that's what I have been wanting for about 5 months. And I finally got it. And now I am not sure. I feel like I have to do there things that I don't want to. That doesn't motivate me to be a hairdresser. Like I am a slave there. Okay, not so bad. But I basically have to clean up all the time, sometimes at the same time when the workers are just chatting with each other (I mean they could do it TOO) Although what else would I do, right? I can't do their clients(but fortunately can do my models). I am not sure, if I like it or not. 
  • I miss my supersweet sister Margot really much. She took off to Italy and I got to see her only once! Not fair! Don't have other choice but to go and visit her!  

*I was just thinking about it on another day, what does the word "home" mean to me. To be honest, I don't feel home anywhere. I don't feel like I would be home when I am in Finland in my apartment or at my mom's house. I don't feel home when I am walking on the streets in Leeds or in London. I feel like a stranger when I am in my hometown. I feel like I miss this feeling like being at home but I don't know where to look for it.

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