Tuesday, March 15


Hello there. 

Where are you? 
At the moment, I am in Leeds, England.

What are you doing there? 
I am doing my hairdressing internship here.

When did you go there? 
I came here 8 days ago.

How long will you be in England? 
Not long enough. 

Hello there, again. 
I am in my lovely England, again! When I came here in November, I had an idea to go to different salons here to ask if I could do my internship. Unfortunately I didn't get an answer right away so when I got back to Finland, I sent about 20 letters to different salons and I got an answer back from the salon called Shrine Salon and Spa. We had a little skype date with the owner and "cya in March" was what I heard in the end of our conversation. 

So after 2 months, here I am now! I have been "working" there for 3 days. The people are the loveliest ever! All I have to do is wash hair and clean and make coffee/tea, but that's alright, I guess. I could also have my own "clients" there so I hope I could do Maria's hair soon! 

Since two of my main sweethearts live here, we got to spend one night all together eating, doing face masks, watching a scary movie and lots LOTS L O T S of laughing. 

When I already knew that I am coming here, we started planning a trip to Dublin! The flight was really cheap and we also found really cheap hostel (MEC hostel, I do recommend) , that was near to the city center. 
When we got there, we had to take a nap (we had a little night out the previous night, I do not recommend, if must go on a plane on the next day). Got up in an hour and went to downtown to learn more about pub culture. 

Almost missed our flight!

The city center, where all the pubs are, were full of people! It was impossible to move inside! 

We went to The Temple Bar which was obviously full of people, too. We had a beer and went to sit to the courtyard. It looked really cool. We met there so many people from all around the world! One german guy invited us to his table, there was also his dad and 2 brothers and a cousin? (If I'm not wrong), also two irish ladies. Later with us joined two americans and for 30 minutes about 4 english guys. We had lots of fun! We were having beer and just talking to each other! 

 Americans, English and Estonians!

The next it was all about walking around in the city and shopping. And having a nap.

In the evening we got together with Sydney and Will again and went to explore some other pubs. We listened some irish and non-irish live music, had beers and had fun! 

 On the last day we packed our stuff and left it to the hostel. We went to 3-hour walking city tour, which I loved! Our guide was so funny and told us some interesting facts about the city. 

Little part of Dublin's Castle

It was a bit windy but supersunny and supernice!!! 

Saint Patrick's Cathedral

We had kind of nerve-racking night. Basically we missed out flight. There was lots of people at the airport and from the same gate went so many different flights so we were basically waiting while they closed the airplane's doors... So we went to Ryanair's desk and said what happened. They said that there is one more flight and it costs 100€ per person :) :) :) :) :) :) :). I literally had tears in my eyes and I was so angry at the same time. Probably angry at myself. So we didn't have any choice but to buy these tickets and we were told that we have to run there because we have about 15 minutes to go there. So there would have been a chance that we would have missed that flight too. I thought if we miss that one too, I literally go outside and stop that plane!

Unfortunately we had bought our tickets to Leeds that late that we made it even if we arrived there later. I fell asleep right away because I was really sleepy. In the middle of our journey to Leeds I woke up and noticed that we are definitely not on highway but driving between small streets. Then I heard bus driver speaking about not knowing where she must go and stopping the bus all the time to ask the strangers on the streets the directions. Luckily my brave estonian lady Maria helped the bus driver out with google maps. We were only an hour late but after that night our bed felt like heaven! (It always though) 

Let me know what do you think about our trip and pictures! 

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  1. te olete täiesti KREISIIID!!! täiega lavin teid :D muuuahh!