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Hello there! 

In autumn 2014 I went to hairdressing school. I was literally so happy! I couldn't believe it, that I had been living in Finland only for a year and I got accepted to school, that sooo many girls (or guys) want to go! I barely knew the language but I learnt fast! 

Since then I know so much more about hair and also how to take care of them a lot more. I think, about 3 years ago all I did, I washed hair with weird shampoos and put lots of conditioner to my hair and also on my scalp and nothing else. 
Now I know what kind of shampoo and conditioner to use, what kind of oils and other treatments my hair need! ( IT REALLY NEEDS THEM because of all the bleaching I have done) 

Also since then I have had chances to go to hair stores that only hairdressing students or hairdressers can go and do a little shopping. I love those shops! Sometimes they have really REALLY good deals! 
I will tell You a little bit about what I got myself last time! 

The first place I went to, is called Kinnunen. They sell a lot of hair extensions, eyelash extensions and supplies, makeup, hair products and things for hairdressers. 
From Kinnunen I only bought KEUNE Lovely Lavender color conditioner. 

This is a non permanent hair color for use on bleached or light blonde hair. Must apply on towel dried hair, leave in for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly. No need to shampoo hair after that. 
It gives really nice light pinkish/purplish color and also smells super nice! It comes off within 5-6 washes. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of my hair when I colored with it but believe me, it looked really cute. I looked really cute! 

The second place was Schwarzkopf shop which I LOVE! I could go there every week I would still find something to buy! 

Here are the products I bought from Schwarzkopf shop and also KEUNE color conditioner. 

This spray conditioner for blond hair. It gives cool-ice and anti-yellow effect. 
Who doesn't love the smell of products that are used in salons. Well these products are used in salons and all of them smell amaaazing and so does this one! 
Since I am trying to keep my hair as white-grey (sometimes also pink-purple, but that doesn't count right now) as possible, I found it really nice for my hair. At the store I sprayed it a bit on white paper so I could see if it does anything. Basically it gives more shine to white hair. It doesn't color them so You can't see the difference when using this but I think it is really good for white hair! Also makes them smell good and soft.

I think I have mentioned it enough that my hair is not in the best condition at the moment so I decided to buy a BC Bonacure Repair Rescue shampoo and a spray conditioner. The smell, again, is really nice and sweet. When using both of these, it makes hair really soft. I wish there had been a normal conditioner too so it would be a total package but that is really good too. They were together in the package so that would had been a nice christmas present. I mean it was, for myself, ofcourse! 

This is the OIL MIRACLE, LIGHT OIL shampoo that I totally fell in love with and can't live without. It gently cleanses and replenishes fine hair. 
I remember, when I first used it, my hair was in really bad condition. It looked rough and dead. And seriously, after using that shampoo, I believe in miracles! My hair felt so soft and silky and smelled so nice! I definitely recommend it! It is my all time favourite! 

I also bought a OSIS+ flexwax. Its' texture is really nice, smells good and doesn't feel weird in hair. I don't have short hair but I bought it because I usually cut my little brother's hair and I obviously need to put to his hair something else than hairspray so it would look cool. 

I love these little mini bottles or just examples of the hair products so I could try things on and then decide if I liked it or not. For example, that's how I found that light oil shampoo. 
So every time we have been to those shops, we get little examples as a present. 

These are the things that I got for free.
  • Mini example of Oil Miracle Restorative treatment oil for dry and damaged hair. 
  • Swarzkopf Fortifier Treatment is a hair mask for very damaged hair. Makes hair soft, but for me, not soft enough. 
  • KEUNE care line shampoo and conditioner. These are for dry, damaged and porous hair. Essential Minerals, Provitamin B5 and Wheat Protein nourish  the hair and restore the moisture balance. Gives shine and flexibility.
  • Then again, got my favourite shampoo, BC oil miracle light oil shampoo. 
  •  BC Excellium Plumping Shampoo. It should give hair more volume and makes it stronger.To be honest, I haven't seen it before so I can't say anything about it yet.

I hope You liked! 

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