Saturday, October 3


Hello there. 

I am good, thank you. I have had diabetes for 2 weeks now (actually-probably like a year but you know what I mean) and I have had my bloodsugar going up and down like a roller coaster. Some days it is normal and some days at one point it is 23 and the other moment it is 2.4... 
Like today... 

SO. I love watersport! I love swimming and I went to aqua zumba in spring. It was lotsss of fun and I felt amazing every time I came out of the pool. (and hungry too). I couldn't afford it this month but I went today because my mom couldn't go. So I introduced myself as my mom there.
I did a little wrong when I had breakfast, because my bloodsugar was high so I injected a bit more insulin but I wasn't thinking, that when I am doing some kind of sport, my blood sugar is going down anyway. I am struggling at the moment with my BS in the mornings after breakfast because it is still high so I have to have some more insulin. So I had also this morning. I went to downtown by bike to meet my aunt and we went to swimming hall. 
I guess I was "dancing the zumba" for 15-20 minutes because my head started to spin around and my whole body was shaking, I had to leave. The more closer I was to my locker, the worst I felt. I was pretty sure, that won't feel my legs and I am just going to pass out. I sat on the floor, took a candy and measured my BS and it showed 2.4!!! 
Ofcourse, besides having hypoglycemia, I also had a mini-shock because I was feeling really bad. I had 4 of the candies, that I have with me and about 15 minutes later I felt a bit better. Ofcourse I couldn't continue with zumba anymore. So I had a little lunch at Subway(injected normally) and had "a bit of" some chololate and cinnamon buns. When I got home, It had jumped so high, it showed 22.7 :) :) :) 
It is still really hard to have a snack, or more like, NOT to have a snack. I used to have it a lot before but now I just should inject myself every time just before eating. So it makes me feel like I don't want to have those snacks anymore. 
I also can't inject myself twice when for example I have had lunch and then 30 minutes later I want to have a chocolate. So even if I have it, my BS is probably going high and I can fix it in 2 hours. 

It all takes time to learn and see what my BS does at some points. I should start taking it more seriously ( I mean I AM taking it seriously but I guess, not seriously enough) because I still let it "play" and go up and down because I know that nothing is actually going to happen to me.  Maybe something will happen in the future because of it. I dont know, man! 

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