Saturday, September 26


I am kind of getting that feeling to write down everything I do and see. And share pictures. I mean I have like 10 posts on this blog but I have been writing a lot lately. Blogger as a job? Why not, haha. 
Anyways. I came to my mom's house today. I guess I am really getting old because I don't feel like going to the bars. I'd rather be at home covered with blankets, have like 4 cups of tea in the evening and write my blog. And watch silly animal videos... and be on Tumblr until like 2am...
My parents have been living in this house for few years now and today they were planting some trees. I was really helpful cheerleader! At least I was spending some time outside! 

We had an amazing dinner, sorry for not having picture of it. Few hours later and I still feel so full. Wasn't so good idea to eat that much. It was good though! And I definitely won't eat that much when I am home alone, so I was allowed!

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