Saturday, September 26


Hey there. 
I am doing great. My blood sugar is still high (15.9 this morning) and I have no idea what am I doing wrong. Although I have kind of given up on thinking about it all the time. I'll just inject and see what happens. 
Yesterday I had doctor's appointment and we were talking about travelling. I have had such a rough week and I need some kind of holiday! It could be even something small, but I need to get out of here. I have zero motivation to do stuff at school or anywhere.
Also I told my doctor about my vision getting worse. (I read about one estonian lady, who has diabetes and she is blind now - oh god!) so I got the answer, that it is getting better, but about in 6 months. So I thought "what am I going to do. I can't cut hair when everything is blurry", haha. So she gave me +2 glasses to try on and I saw everything perfectly. I was reading really small text and I was so happy to see normally again. So the doctor told me to buy usual glasses from usual store. They sell them everywhere! The main ones, like +1 to +3, also minuses. So now I am wearing glasses sometimes. Obviously can't wear them all the time, I guess otherwise my eyes could get used to them and I will be blind officially. 

 When I was on my way home, I was riding bike, policeman stopped me. I thought it is some kind of traffic thing - but NO! He said right then that I am going to get fined, because I can not ride my bike where people walk. Obviously I was so shocked! He was writing me a ticket and I was asking "where should I ride then" and his answer was "if there is no sign that you can ride on pedestrian area, you must ride on the car way" It kind of pissed me off and I said "Well it is a bit scary to ride there, isn't it" so his last answer for me was "well that is scary too if you run someone over" 
Is that really better idea if I get into car crash because some idiots could be drunk or blind or angry when they are driving, than when I pretty much ride the speed as people walk?
 This is so stupid. 40 euros, good bye. I didn't want to do anything with You anyway! 

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