Sunday, October 4


I have been talking to few people lately about me moving on so fast. They are really impressed, that (as I say) I am not taking this disease so seriously and my life ACTUALLY moves on and I can live like I lived it before (all that after TWO weeks). I have been told that I am strong and I get used to it fast and soon I won't even notice it anymore. (measuring, injection, food!) 
(I even connected my computer to the tv, although I had a problem in the beginning that It wasn't full screen but then I fixed it, so there is pretty much nothing is this world, that I can't handle! haha)
Also my friend mention today, that it is so good to see me smiling again while talking about diabetes. Like it's nothing. 
It really is nothing. It is just a tiny little disease, that I don't notice anymore. And I guess it has made me even happier to see, that my blood sugar has been good lately, like it actually has to be. 
I have been enjoying some sweets this weekend and it has been quite high few times but I fixed it quickly and I was fine again! 

I have been looking for memes about diabetes and these are so funny! I can't be sad forever so I kind of made it into joke pretty fast. And it helped! 

It's going to be fine! I am sure I will have my down-days too, but at the moment I am one happy kid again!

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