Monday, August 1


Hello there! 


Time to talk about the love of me life - F O O D!! 

I thought about starting to write about foods that I eat so You could find some great foods or give me some tips and that I myself could also see what I eat. I will try to pick one day and tell EVERYTHING what I am having.

I have to be honest here: I eat crap! Lots of crap! I am still not used to having diabetes, or I mean I think I am used to it but the lifestyle change is quite hard for me. I MUST eat super healthy and low carb diet and excercise the heck out of me. Wouldn't be so bad for me but that's not me*. I'll try to explain what I mean by that. 

All people aren't skinny, right. We all know that. 

I have always been the chubby one. At some point I actually started to love the body that I live in and that happened BEFORE the diabetes symptoms where I lost lots of weight. What I meant earlier "that's not me" is that I could still be a bit chubbier but eat normally and be healthy. I don't mean like counting calories and cutting carbs. I mean eating normally like having cereal or eggs or sandwiches for breakfast, rice and chicken for lunch and for example, some kind of soup for dinner. And lets not forget about desserts! Also maybe having a snack between lunch and dinner. That's how we eat in Estonia! And I feel like it is totally fine to eat like that.

Now I have cut lots of carbs out of my foods but I am still gaining weight because of my up-and-down bloodsugar levels. 


For breakfast I had 2 breads with cream cheese and salmon and half of the banana, because I didn't feel like eating. 

For lunch I had chicken salad. It contained only a little amount of carbs. 
I roasted chicken on the pan. 

I had bought salad from the store. So I put salad and tomatoes and pickles on the plate, added roasted chicken, some croutons and salad dressing and it was ready. Also had a bit of cottage cheese. 

For dinner I am having few rice cakes with tuna-egg-mayonnaise mix and also mango tea.
It seems to me that it is a low carb food. One rice cake has 26kcal and 5g carbs. And this mixture has tuna and eggs which are good and mayo which is not so good but I didn't add it a lot.

How do I do the mix?  
I boiled some eggs, added can of tuna, low fat mayonnaise and a bit of salt. 

I think it tastes a lot better when it has been in the fridge for a while. I couldn't wait though when making it. 

What I found from the store, is this low carb and 0% fat drinking yogurt. 

In 100ml it has 29kcal, 0.4g of fat and 3.7g of carbs. Since I looove drinking yogurt, I am more than happy to buy it! 

Write on comments below, what good and easy recipes you have that are low on carbs and good for diabetics!

( * ) When I was writing the phrase "that's not me" and if you press the link, that's the song that always comes to my mind! 

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