Saturday, July 30


Hey there!! 

The other day I got sent a little set of Argan Dew hair mask and oil to test them! I was so excited because my hair is NOT in good condition at the moment. I have been bleaching and dying them to get the perfect white but I just can't get it so I keep dying and dying. 

For me, this is the perfect white. A lot of you might say "But your hair IS like that" but it is not. I can still see the difference since I study hairdressing and I kind of work with colors every day! 
ANYWAY, Argan Dew! 
I was really excited to try this out because I lately am really interested in using natural things on me and Argan Dew is 100% natural! 

Argan oil is produced from the fruit of the Argan tree.
The Argan tree is a rare tree that only grows in the southwestern regions of Morocco.
During the summer, its fruit becomes mature and turns yellow, producing the argan nut. Within the nut is a kernel from which the oil is extracted.
To extract the oil, the argan fruit is dried in the sun and the fleshy pulp is removed. Once the nuts are cracked, the kernels are pressed to obtain unfiltered argan oil.

The oil is ultimately decanted and filtered.

 I also took the before/after photos so You could see the smoothness! I definitely felt that! 

First I washed my hair normally with shampoo and then used the mask and kept it in my hair for about 5 minutes. The smell of it was amazing! It made my hair really soft and smooth! 

After towel-drying my hair I put the oil, which felt soft already in my hands. It had really christmassy smell: like cinammon-apple! It was so good! I put it in my hair and after that dried it with the dryer. 

Since I got 2 pair of these samples, I could use these products in my hair twice. The "after" picture is made after two washes. 

I could definitely tell that my hair is much more softer than it was before. I am pretty sure that I must order myself more because I saw the results and only with two washes! 
Also, I couldn't tell enough how amazingly there products smelled!! Loved them!! 

If You feel like treating yourself a bit then go to Argan Dew page, pick out the best products for yourself and enter the code argandew to get 20% off! 
Happy shopping! 

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  1. heii! see on küll vale postituse all, aga mõtlesin et ehk märkad siis rohkem. lugesin suhteliselt palju ja leidsin et osadel inimestel on aidanud vegan elustiilile üleminek vähendada(või lahti saada) diabeedist. Ehk aitab sinul ka ;)