Thursday, June 16

BE A HAIRDRESSER, they said. IT WILL BE FUN, they said.

Hello there!!!

Since I learn hairdressing, I have had a chance to go to stores where all people can't go and purchase hair products a bit cheaper. It is also nice to show You guys what I use or what I have tried and if I like it or not. You can still buy them from the salon if they are worth it!

First I am going to show you some things I bought from LUMENE.

This tiny eye shadow palette has some cute colors so I thought I would try it out. 

Volume black crystal eye mascara I got as a present. Since it is sparkly, I thought it might make your lashes look sparkly. Unfortunately I didn't see any spark on my lashes when I put it on, or maybe 3 tiny pieces. Obviously I like everything that is seen big and for me, this is a NO. 

I was more than excited to see that! I have been looking for eye shadow pen for such a long time and finally I found one. They also had other colors but these were a bit odd so I thought I'd try that one out. The color is actually quite nude and has a bit metallic pink shade. I LIKE.

LOVING these two! I think these colors are together super cute, light brown and light orange, and really are long lasting!

Here are some of the hair products that I have bought recently / got as a present.

I am crazy about dry shampoos! I haven't had it before but my friend had it and I have tried it once so I wanted to buy it. Schwarzkopf  has products that you can buy from the salons and the price wasn't so bad. And I can tell, this dry shampoo IS good! 

I was quite excited to use this conditioner. It refreshes and stimulates the scalp. It makes the hair easy combable, soft and shiny. Contains natural pepermint oil + extracts and menthol. 
I usually keep in in my hair about 3 minutes, it gives fresh and minty feeling. 

This is my second time buying it! I love it! It is a color conditioner, light pastel purple. It usually stays in about 4-5 washes, it depends how long you keep it in your hair before washing off. I have bleached my hair a lot so for me it could only last for 3 washes. But the color is lovely is just right for the summer! 

I got that hair gel as a gift. It smells really nice, like men's perfume. Since I don't use gels, I just might give it to my brother.

Also got these as a gift. SO PURE shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. It is paraben-free and has jasmine, sandalwood and argan oil in it. 

Last, I got these shampoo and conditioner examples as a gift and also this oil. I am the most excited to use it! It has so many different possibilities and I hope it heals my hair because they are about to die!! :((( 

I hope you liked this post. Write a comment below what do you think about these products are what are your favourite ones! Maybe I will find something new, too!

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