Saturday, July 25


I have found some cool stuff from second hand stores and from other shops.
Also I ordered makeup from Tell me one student, who has got money to buy expensive makeup. Haha, well I am not one of them. It had some good comments so I will put some pictures and tell You, if those products are good!
So here are some of the things: 

 This is just usual black top, and its back is all lace, like you can see a bit there. So cute! From thrift store, costed 1EUR.

  I have totally fell in love with crop tops! I mean I have seen girls wearing them a lot and I thought that these would NEVER fit me. Then I bought one. About few months ago. And since then, all I am looking at the clothing stores, are cool crop tops to wear with high waisted jeans or skirts! That white one I got from thrift store and costed 2EUR. I had little luckdevil on my shoulder that day! 

 Another half-croptop! The material is not so see-through, just a little. So white bra is recommended! Bought it from H&M and it costed 9.95 EUR. 

Totally fell in love when I saw that shirt! I have been looking for "farmer"shirt that has red in it for soo long! And found it today from second hand store, costing only 5EUR. Also material is so soft! I am so ready to wear it every day! 

Okay! This is the thing of the day! Also one thing, I have been wanting for such a long time! Basically a pinnup style bikini. I think of myself like a little chubby girl, so I think this is perfect for me. It is really beautiful too. These were not actually together but they had big SALE signs in Lindex so I found these seperately and thought they would fit! Both of these were actually 14.95EUR a piece but were 70% off so I paid about 15EUR together!

The cutest shoes ever! The comfiest shoes ever! The whitest shoes ever! Totally fell in love when I saw these. I tried them on withoutlooking at the price tag. When I looked at it, things got pretty sad. Fortunately I was with my mom and she helped me a bit so I paid only 10EUR, my mom gave me 20, so these were acutally 29.95EUR from a shop called Skopuntken. (Such a cool store, lots of cheap and cool looking shoes. Cant wait to go back and buy something more!)

 I am a HUGE fan of Friends!!! I have watched all the seasons at least 3 times but I didnt have this one! Also I have a Netflix account and I could easily watch it from there but it feels  totally different to actually own those DVDs! I just had to buy it, costed 5EUR. 

 I can never own too much baskets! This one was cute! I needed one anyway to put my makeup things in. Right now my makeup "basket" is weird black box. Time for changes! It costed 2EUR.

This picture is actually upside down but you can still see what are those! Also needed to put my earrings or rings or makeup or brushes in. I cant exactly remember how much were these exept the heart one, which was 2EUR. Other ones were under 1EUR.


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